How to get started in archery

If you want to take up archery, your first port of call should be the Grand Archery Society (GNAS).

This society is the governing body for all archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and has nine regional societies across this area.

It currently has over 30,000 members, is affiliated with the FITA and is a member of the British Olympic Association.

The website provides you with information about upcoming events, as well as contact details to write to the society to find out extra.

There is a separate Scottish Archery Association (SAA) which is affiliated to the GNAS but specialises in the clubs found in Scotland.

The website provides excellent advice on how to get started, ranging from how to find your local club to enrolling in a beginner’s course.

Northern Ireland also has its own separate society entitled the Northern Ireland Archery Society, which, like the Scottish one, will provide you with more precise information for getting into archery in the area.

The Junior Archery Association obviously deals with all junior games, as well as helping to promote archery in schools around the country.

Their website provides all information needed for youths to get involved with the game.

If you want to find the nearest club to you, look at the UK Archery Club Web Page Locator.

This site allows you to search by county or area to find the names and details of all clubs in this area.

There are hundreds to choose from across the UK, and all of these will welcome beginners and be able to provide advice and/or coaching.


For information on all the latest and past results of competitions and tournaments held in the UK see the GNAS website.

The FITA website contains up-to-date information about world players, and world competitions, as well as having information, results and statistics from past events.

If you wish to find out about more specific types of archery and their respective competitions, look at the British Longbow Society BLBS website.

This contains information about how to join the society, what longbow competitions take place in the UK today, as well as providing links to other useful longbow websites.

The English Field Archery website provides similar information about field archery in England. It also has a club directory, so you can find out the location of your nearest club.

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