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Despite being an Olympic sport – Archery is not seen nor heard much during the intervening years.

However, there is a flourishing professional circuit and if you are interested in learning more about the sport then we have you covered.

If you click off the Guides tab then you’ll be taken to Rosie Langford’s introduction to the sport where you can find out everything from how to play, what equipment you might need and how to get started in the sport.

Equipment & Techniques

Speaking of equipment – in Archery the type of bow and the type of arrows you use is of vital importance.

You wouldn’t want to be using a compound bow when you should be firing a crossbow.

It isn’t all about hand-eye co-ordination either – you need a good solid technique.

If you have a solid foundation to fire from then your accuracy levels will increase. A solid stance will stand you in good stead.

Here you can see a bit of the history of Archery and how it became a competition in the Olympics in 1972.


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